Cancer Doctors Available to Help


Freelance Doc, Inc. is  an organization committed to excellent  patient care. We are cancer doctors available to help medical practices & hospitals maintain continuity of care by finding highly qualified providers to  temporarily staff healthcare facilities  while the facility's permanent providers are on leave or while the facility is working on recruiting new providers. 


Freelance Doc,  Inc. was founded with the belief that doctors should have the flexibility to practice medicine where and when they wish.  In our experience, most healthcare providers are outstanding clinicians who deeply care about their patients but often feel stuck and frustrated at various non-clinical work dynamics that come with an employed position and often interfere with a physician's role as an independent clinician. 

Freelance Doc, Inc. helps physicians find temporary placement and  gives clinicians the flexibility to work at the place of their choice for the duration of their choice.

If you are a cancer doctor or another specialist looking for locum positions, please get in touch today!