The founder


Dr. Binay Shah, hematologist and medical oncologist

Dr. Binay Shah is the founder of Freelance Doc, Inc. and a board certified hematologist and oncologist based in WA. He completed his medical school from BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences in Nepal, Internal Medicine residency from Long Island College Hospital, New York, and Hem/Onc Fellowship from the University of Illinois at Chicago. 

He is licensed to practice medicine in several states. 

In addition to being an outstanding clinician who is loved by his patients, Dr. Shah is a clinical scientist who has presented and published hundreds of peer reviewed articles in scientific journals and conferences. He is a  passionate leader and a true humanitarian who founded the cancer health non-profit Binaytara Foundation in 2007 to improve healthcare in resource-poor communities and to improve cancer care worldwide. Besides the Binaytara Foundation, he has served in various leadership roles at different organizations including as the President of the Idaho Society of Clinical Oncology.